Reading for pleasure and learning!

“A child who reads will be an adult who thinks”. We love it when our kids are reading their notes or text books. But, when they read story books we get a little worried. We fear that they may be wasting their time. However, that’s not true at all. Reading for pleasure is a great activity that helps children in many ways.

Let’s discuss a few here:

1. It improves their communication: Children who read novels and story books speak the English language fluently. Reading is one of the best and easiest ways to learn a language.

2. It widens their vocabulary: Children are able to learn new words and find their meanings from the dictionary. They find learning through reading much more interesting and even fascinating because it is fun to read new stories.

3. It helps them concentrate better: While reading, children sit quietly and concentrate on the story. Once it becomes a habit, they will start doing the same in the classroom. They will also be more attentive in the classroom.

4. Children who read perform better in school: You may think that reading only helps a child’s English but it has been proved through studies that it helps understand other subjects such as science and social better as well.

5. It is an excellent pastime: It is always better to let children read books than to allow them to watch TV or play video games.

Good books help kids improve their imagination and creativity at the same time. There are multiple helpful storybooks and novels for children of different ages that you can choose from. In times when English communication is extremely important and children must concentrate on their studies, reading is a beautiful hobby. Encourage your children by buying them age-appropriate books from now onwards. They will always be thankful to you.

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The reason why we choose Presidency school is that it has the best curriculum and is implemented in ways other school fail to. “My child feels very happy and is very enthusiastic to attend the school.

Kurlepu Rajdeep

We were looking for a school with a higher teacher student ratio. The curriculum is very well structured, we are impressed with tracking the progress of pupils everyday.

S. Advait Reddy

The curriculum is interesting and useful. Everything helped my child. I learnt many new things about children and their daily needs and my child is happy to go to school.

Palnati Samarpan

Students have a stress free environment here. It has developed my Daughters confidence levels and she is more independent now.

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