Revision tools: The secret to success in every exam

When it comes to studying we always stress on revising at least once before our exams. Revision is extremely important for one main reason: It helps retain information.

Our kids may study throughout the year but if they are unable to revise their notes in the days before the exams, chances are high that they will forget important points. Revision is nothing but going through the entire syllabus again. When we do that, we tell our brain that all the information is important and that we shouldn’t forget it in the days to come.

Now, let’s talk about revision tools. Do we really need tools? Isn’t it enough to simply re-read everything? We really need revision tools because they enable us to revise more effectively. The whole aim here is to improve our memory and a few tools can definitely help boost that. Here are a few such tools:

A practical schedule

Revising the entire syllabus in one go can be very scary for kids. Making a schedule and breaking the syllabus into parts makes it better and easier to understand.

Make a schedule based on your child’s comfort, sleep cycle, challenges, and strong points, and your child will love following the schedule. Kids don’t need to study every subject everyday.

Flash cards

Flash cards make revision fun and interactive. They are a great way to remember definitions and meanings in various subjects.

One side of the card has the topic and the other side has the answer/definition.

Mind maps

Simple mind maps to remember important and inter-related topics are also very effective tools.

Technological tools, myCBSEguide, and Math Trick are a few recommended technological tools.

Along with helping your child study through revision, it is important to provide the required love and support during exam times. Exams are stressful and kids really need a support system. Be flexible and understanding throughout and ensure that they are eating and sleeping well.


All the best to you and your kids!

Click here to download Parent Handout to Develop Revision Schedule: Parent Handout_Revision tools_v2.0


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