Cyber security: Ensure that your kids are safe while using the Internet

The entire world is on the Internet today and our kids are always curious about the cyber world.

However, this doesn’t mean that give them freedom to be careless online. Numerous incidents keep surfacing every now and then about cyber crime. It is, in fact, very prominent in kids. Here’s a guide to help you ensure that your kids stay safe while they browse.

  • Talk to your kids about Internet usage: Before you let your kids start using the web, it is advisable that you talk to them about the dangers as well as benefits. This will teach them to be aware and take caution as and when needed. Also, always be friendly and open with them so that they do not get scared to talk to you when they feel something is going wrong.
  • Be around when they use the Internet: To be cautious you could stay around when your kids use the Internet. If your child is younger, you could sit beside him the whole time. Older kids like their freedom and just staying around is fine.
  • Enable parental control: You can do this on the phone, tablet, and computer. There are many child lock extensions and apps that you could download to safeguard your kids from the dark side of the Internet.
  • Be in touch with your kids’ connections: On social media, especially, make sure you follow your kids and be in their friend’s lists.

Gone are the days when we could simply stop our kids from using the phone or computer. Kids today are very well informed and want to stay in touch with the world. They need to use the Internet for many different reasons such as learning and education, which is why stopping them from using the web can be harsh and harmful to their growth.

Just be aware and careful! 🙂




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