What!  A Social Fair!!! Damn sure it would be dry and boring then.

This is what generally people think of a social fair.  But after visiting our campus on 2nd and 3rd December, their outlook has definitely changed.

It was on 2nd and 3rd December when our annual fair titled “ERAS – An Exploring Experience” – this time on Social Studies – was held.

ERAS was hallmarked with a fabulous demonstration of different Indian states mapped on the ground with a grassy outline.  Students represented each state dressed in specific state costume demonstrating many highlights of each state like famous buildings, landforms, personalities, flora and fauna and other information.  They added to the taste of the event by serving state-specific food.

It also included dances, skits and the melodious songs which represented the glorious cultural tradition of Indian states.

One of the parents Mr Sai who experienced ERAS rejoiced, “My kids are the luckiest ones to experience the education with such a nicely administrated school.”  Another parent said, “I have never seen a school organising a great event on social studies such as ERAS.”

Yamuna teacher from Telugu faculty who was one of the in charges of cultural activities said that she felt great to work with the kids who took part in skits.

There were more than 100 games based on social studies which were enjoyed by the parents.  Winners of some of the games got pen stand as a prize which was made out of waste by our Arts teacher, Madhavi teacher, and her team including some other teachers and students.

There were six different dances representing six different states performed by six different troupes of the students.

Skits on ‘Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao’ and ‘Changing Generations’ really touched the audience.

ERAS has really made social studies an interesting subject to learn.  Thanks to the creative thinking of management, staff and students of the Presidency.

Hope PHS will organise more such events which entertain students and parents and provide opportunities to have an exploring experience.

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