Republic day celebrations @PHS

“Wish you a happy 70th Republic Day” was the quote by which anchors Varsha and Akshari of IX Darwins started the event.  The other anchoring pairs of the event were Roopak and Manogna, and Surabhi and Rithesh.

After the regular prayer, our national flag was hoisted by principal madam, Khan sir, Majeed of class IV, Tejaswi of class VII, Majeed of class VIII and Santhosh of class IX. These students got the opportunity to hoist the flag because they were trying to improve themselves and become one of the best students.

After flag hoisting, the students of each house along with house captains, head boy and the head girl took part in the parade. Principal madam and Krupa sir took the guard of honour.

On this day, certificates for the winners and runners of various games which were conducted on our annual sports event “Quidditch” were distributed. Srihas of class IX rejoiced, “I am new to this school.  In this school, I got the first certificate in the first Quidditch event.  I got a chance to do a parade.  Umair supported me a lot. I got many chances to participate in tournaments.”

On this event, two results were declared.  They are Winners of the Quidditch and results of our school elections.  Emerald won the championship trophy with 3280 points.  Amber was the runners with 3230 points.

Yash and Mahalaxmi received individual championships.

Mani Krishna was elected as the head boy with 270 votes and Bhargavi was elected as the head girl with 308 votes. Sai Kethan lost the head boy post just by 5 votes.

The house captain and vice captains are as follows:

AMBER:  Ultimate Umair, Natty Nidhi

RUBY:  Joyful Jesh, Sincere Sanpreet Kaur

EMERALD:  Sportive Sai raj, Amazing Aditi Kulkarni

SAPPHIRE:  Positive Pranay, Novel Nishna

Last year head girl, Hasini said, “I felt really fantastic on going through some successful events like Quidditch and Republic day.  It’s final halt for my responsibilities and duties as a head girl.  I’ve really gone through my ups and downs.  But it changed me from none to one.”

Harshitha said, “I am feeling happy and sad because it’s the last day of my captainship. My championship has taught me many things and valuable lessons, but today I am done with it.”

Chandrashekar sir said, “This is our 70th republic day celebration and the first one in our new campus.  We got a vast space to celebrate this event.  I can experience the true flavour of celebration.”

Presidency’s Republic Day came to an end with all emotions with rushing adrenalin.

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