Summer’s here – But make sure you take all precautions

Despite the blazing heat, many children love summers because they get to spend time off from school. They are done with their exams and soon enough, their holidays will start. All of them are either planning to meet their cousins or friends or are thinking about which summer activities to do during vacation.

Through all this, as parents, it is important that we help them exercise a few precautions to avoid falling ill during the summer season.

1. Encourage them to stay indoors in the afternoons: The time between 12 PM and 4 PM is the hottest. We recommend that you avoid any travel or playtime for your children during this time. It is best to stay indoors as much as possible.

2. Have them avoid junk food completely: While vacations also imply that children can enjoy many different types of junk food, summer is not the right time at all. Junk food, especially oily & fried food, can cause digestive problems leading to nausea, vomiting, and illness. We know your children will not like this rule at all but it is for their own good. Replace junk food with fresh fruits and juices of their choice. They will love it!

3. Give them plenty of water: It is very easy to be dehydrated during the summers and children often forget to drink water. Ensuring that they carry a water bottle wherever they go and drink lots of water at home will help avoid dehydration, weakness, and other such problems.

4. Make sure they wear summer-appropriate clothing: Even at home, the clothes they wear must be soft and breathable. Otherwise, they will start suffocating and the sweat can cause rashes, boils, etc.

5. Remind them to wear sunscreen when they step out: Whether it is to play, to ride their bicycle, or to meet their friends, children must apply a good sunscreen. They often tend to forget to do this, which is why you must constantly remind them.

A few simple precautions will save you and your children from a lot of health problems. Follow these to make sure you have a fun summer instead of an illness-ridden one!


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