GET FIT, DON’T QUIT – International Yoga Day

Health is one of the most important and basic needs which everyone has to think of.  Nowadays, many of them are taking it easy and focusing more on other issues which are secondary.  Even if we take many precautions and food supplements, we should definitely do some physical activity to be fit and energetic.  Yoga is one of the ultimate gifts our tradition has given us. In the last 10 decades, the importance of yoga was unknown to many people, but again they are changing their minds and have started doing yoga after realizing the preciousness of our ancient practice – YOGA.   

To implement and promote this practice, on the fifth international yoga day, Presidency has invited Veda Mitra Guruji, a yoga master to teach and give some information on the importance of performing yoga daily.  All the classes enjoyed performing yoga and so did the teachers and Guruji himself.

Guruji learned to perform yoga from 12 years of age.  He went to Madhya Pradesh to learn yoga in VEDA PATASHALA.  He thinks that yoga gives us spiritual and mental relaxation which helps us to be active the whole day.  “I wake up daily at 4 in the morning and perform yoga. Despite being so busy I haven’t ever missed my daily yoga in the last 25 years.  Yoga is nothing but giving your mind some kind of peace. Whenever you feel stressed, you just perform 2 minutes of meditation and after that, you can feel the result.  Actually, I feel so happy and blessed to teach the children yoga because it’s very useful for them at growing age and of course Today’s children are tomorrow’s future,” said respected Guruji.

Guruji exclaims, “Karo yoga, raho nirog.”  He is now following Baba Ramdev. The students now have a clear idea of the importance of doing yoga.  Finally, the family of Presidency advises all to start a habit of doing yoga daily and be fit.

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Siri vennela

The reason why we choose Presidency school is that it has the best curriculum and is implemented in ways other school fail to. “My child feels very happy and is very enthusiastic to attend the school.

Kurlepu Rajdeep

We were looking for a school with a higher teacher student ratio. The curriculum is very well structured, we are impressed with tracking the progress of pupils everyday.

S. Advait Reddy

The curriculum is interesting and useful. Everything helped my child. I learnt many new things about children and their daily needs and my child is happy to go to school.

Palnati Samarpan

Students have a stress free environment here. It has developed my Daughters confidence levels and she is more independent now.

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