Exploring Flora and Fauna at Mallaram Forest!

The students of Class 8 visited ‘Mallaram Forest’ on 10th December 2019 under the supervision of their science teachers to observe practically the concepts learnt in their classrooms.

It was a really fabulous experience.  There was a beautiful and wonderful river that was very big and long.  It is said that all animals and birds drink water there but our teachers didn’t allow us to go there because the wild animals such as tigers, bears, cheetahs live near the lake.  Guide of the forest informed us excitedly that there were about five tigers in the forest roaming freely. The forest also has some small poisonous snakes. It is a huge habitat for many different animals, birds and plants.

Chandrashekhar sir happily expressed, “It was a thrilling trip.  The lady forest officer cooperated with us very well. She explained to the students about the different types of trees and animals present in the forest.  Students were very much thrilled and excited about it.”

There is a tower over the hills which we climbed over and had a bird-eye view of the forest.  It was incredulous to see such an expanse of greenery with a river – Mallaram river – flowing through. 

Preetham of Class 8 Spaceships said, “It was adventurous and beautiful.  I was very much excited when I saw eye-catching scenery. I learnt about different types of plants and trees present in the Forest”. “I felt very happy to go around the forest and I enjoyed a lot with my friends.  I learnt many things about habitat and different ecosystems,” said Devansh of Class 8 Jets.

We had our lunch in the forest in very cool air and bright sunshine.  We spent our whole day on this trip and the thing we liked the most in that forest is there was no deforestation.

Saifan of Class 8 Spaceships expressed his feelings, “First of all I would like to thank our school management for arranging such a field trip.  The trip was adventurous as we climbed some of the steep hills. It was really beautiful to view the forest from the top of the chimney. We learnt about different flora and fauna present in the forest.”

Students of Presidency really felt awesome and amazing in the forest.  They had a deep desire to trek that forest from the small age and that desire came true. They also got an opportunity to strengthen their learning by way of practical exposure to different ecosystems existing in the forest.

For more photos, please visit: http://tiny.cc/3gwyhz

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