The Conjuring Heat!



As presidency students gear up for their summer holidays, they are unable to appreciate the amount of heat this summer. Students need to be well prepared to fight the heat this summer.

Sun and heat, some of the most important energies on earth are both dangerous. But now it is summer, when the sun rises up use my 5 hacks for a happy summer,

  • Always keep yourself hydrated by drinking water.
  • drink fresh juices and take regular baths
  • avoid going outdoors
  • eat cold things
  • Never go out exposed. Wear a cap.

When we interviewed VIHAN, a small boy in 3rd, he said “I love summer as I get to eat ice creams and get holidays. But when I come home, my head pains. Then my mother gives me water and juice which makes me feel better. One of my friends also got high fever. My parents instruct me not to go out and I listen to them”

Anyways have a happy summer and take precautions as NZB heat is going to be high!!!




The reason why we choose Presidency school is that it has the best curriculum and is implemented in ways other school fail to. “My child feels very happy and is very enthusiastic to attend the school.

Kurlepu Rajdeep

We were looking for a school with a higher teacher student ratio. The curriculum is very well structured, we are impressed with tracking the progress of pupils everyday.

S. Advait Reddy

The curriculum is interesting and useful. Everything helped my child. I learnt many new things about children and their daily needs and my child is happy to go to school.

Palnati Samarpan

Students have a stress free environment here. It has developed my Daughters confidence levels and she is more independent now.

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