Save your Raft – February Challenge

February brought with it a number of events for us including the extremely interesting Raft Challenge.

On 6th February, we were given the task of preparing our own rafts for the challenge. The winning class would be the owner of the raft which was able to hold the most number of 2-rupee coins. With only straws, plaster, thread, and glue, all students started making their rafts, hoping to win this amazing challenge.

Now, the challenge had two levels to it. The first level was intra-class (inter-section) wherein students of the same class competed with students of other sections. The winners of each class would compete in the second level.

The energy of all students was contagious as they made the raft and prepared to test its strength. The cheer from their classmates was loud and animated as two students from each class placed coins in their respective rafts along with their class teachers.

How did the kids even manage to make the rafts? They used only transparent tape and straws! The main challenge was to assemble the straws in such a way that it did not sink. Since the straws given were bent on one side, kids had to use their logic and place them alternatively. After all, the sides needed to be balanced! After at least 2-3 failed attempts and a couple of more testing attempts, they were finally able to make the raft! It is very easy to say things but the real challenge is in doing them well. All our kids learned this very important lesson through this challenge.

The winners of this superb challenge were 9th Zebras with an astonishing 56 coins! The others put on a great show and were applauded for their efforts. All those who qualified for the finals were very pleased with themselves and no class held back while cheering for the participants.

Nikhilesh from 8th standard expressed his experience, “I was really disappointed because we didn’t win the challenge. Most of the PHS kids were excited to know the results of the challenge. Raft challenge brought out the creative skills of the students.”

Amulya of 7th Flamingoes said, “I enjoyed a lot but I felt sad because our class lost the challenge by only one coin.” Better luck next time, Amulya! Your effort was inspiring!

We have many upcoming challenges lined up for our students in the coming months and we hope they are just as enthusiastic about them and are not discouraged by loss. After all, true winners are those who put in all their efforts and do not worry about the result.

Failures are the stepping stones of success, aren’t they?

Reported by: S Hrishita (CLass 8)

The reason why we choose Presidency school is that it has the best curriculum and is implemented in ways other school fail to. “My child feels very happy and is very enthusiastic to attend the school.

Kurlepu Rajdeep

We were looking for a school with a higher teacher student ratio. The curriculum is very well structured, we are impressed with tracking the progress of pupils everyday.

S. Advait Reddy

The curriculum is interesting and useful. Everything helped my child. I learnt many new things about children and their daily needs and my child is happy to go to school.

Palnati Samarpan

Students have a stress free environment here. It has developed my Daughters confidence levels and she is more independent now.

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